High-energy sonic ultrasound is ideal for well regeneration
There is an almost unforeseeable range of ultrasound applications in technical, scientific, medical and industrial fields. Equally versatile is the technical design of the devices, depending on which physical, chemical, thermal or mechanical effects the ultrasound  is to be used for.

The Outstanding feature of the sonic sound is the high performance of the equipment, which can only be achieved with the special sonic technology that we provide.

Sonic's newly developed electronic control system is based on state-of-the-art components and always ensures the maximum possible physical sound performance.

The sound energy penetrates into all areas of the gravel space without having to transport any substance or hard materials. In the literature, the sonic ultrasound technique is often mistakenly classified as a "pressure wave method" or "pulse method".

Although the ultrasonic method can be called a "mechanical method". The difference to conventional mechanical methods is the distribution of mechanical energy over the entire space of the filter gravel.
When regenerating wells, multiple modes of ultrasound are used
High-energy ultrasound makes the filter gravel vibrate. As a result, adhering coverings are rubbed off (light to medium strength) and can then be rinsed out.

Large molecules
Ultrasound destroys large molecules. Within the well, gelatinous large molecules often form due to organic processes. These are destroyed by the action of ultrasound and thus liquefied.

Adhesive pads harden over the years, so these wells usually have to be abandoned. Due to the effect of high-energy ultrasound these deposits can be removed in many cases by flaking off.

Conventional systems can only be effective if the pore channels are still permeable to water. The spread of sound is not tied to the waterways. Thus, completely closed pore channels are opened.

In contrast to hydromechanical processes, no large-scale forces act on the well structure. Destruction of the filter is thereby completely excluded.