Welcome to sonic technologies
In the past few years, our company, sonic technologies GmbH has fundamentally revised the proven and highly effective sonic ultrasound system for environmentally friendly and materialconserving regeneration of water production wells.

Introduction of the latest electronic components has made the system more compact and powerful. This allows for a significant simplification of handling as well as an increase to its implementation.

The excellent effectiveness of the process has been clearly demonstrated in over a thousand Water-Well regenerations.

A multi-year scientific research project was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Osnabrück) at the Gutenberg University in Mainz ,in affiliation with the  ESWE-Institut für Wasserforschung und Wassertechnologiein. The results were impressive and proved that the cleaning effect, extends deep into the gravel surrounding the Well Shaft.

The results were evident in the laboratory using a well model and in the scientifically accompanied practical application in active wells.
The sustainability of the process has also been confirmed.

The sonic method of regenerating wells is characterized by

• Excellent and lasting effectiveness deep into the gravel area
• absolute environmental friendliness
• highest material protection
• easy to use
• universal application

There are no chemical substances introduced into the well and there are no forces that can burden the filter material or other parts of the well structure.
It therefore meets all modern requirements for modern environmental and material protection.

Especially Protected are the extremely sensitive areas of the upper soil formations and the groundwater.