The System
The sonic system consists of a probe equipped with 3, 6 or 12 powerful ultrasonic generators.
The probe also includes the required frequency converters.
Versorgt wird die Sonde mit einem trinkwassergeeignetem Kabel.
The probe is supplied with a drinking water suitable cable.
With a cable length of over 50 m, we recommend using a cable drum.

The complete delivery includes:

• Ultrasonic probe

• Cable drum with cable, underwater plug and control cabinet

On-site requirements:

• Underwater pump for discharging the dissolved dirt

• pipe system

• crane

• power generator as an eventuality

The electrical supply of the underwater pump via the ultrasonic probe. The pump is switched on / off via the control cabinet.

Technical specifications
The ultrasonic probe is available in several versions:

Version B 150/3: slim design for preferably use in wells with diameters from 150 mm to 300 mm.

Version B 250/6: strong version with 6 transducers for exclusive use in wells with diameters from 350 mm to 600 mm.

For very deep wells or for wells with large diameter, further variants are possible.
ultrasound probe
Cable drum and units
The supply cable is equipped with an underwater plug.

The dimensioning of the supply cable and the cable drum depends on the well level and on the total electrical power.

Reserve technical changes.
cable drum
Aggregates of the cable drum